16 November 2005


holy shit how come nobody told me this site looks so shitty in internet explorer? you ie users must think i'm some kind of loony.

i think i fixed it now. but you should just use firefox. for pete's sake.


Anonymous LynzM (17 November, 2005 12:13)

We just figured you knew? LOL. I only have to use IE at work....

Blogger mikey (17 November, 2005 23:25)

so...does it look any better now?

Anonymous Lynz (20 November, 2005 14:44)

Yup... there's space between your entries and the list items on the right, now :) Woo-hoo!

I think you should make your titles for each entry link to the posts w/replies, if you can do that?

Blogger mikey (20 November, 2005 16:06)

good idea...did that too.

Anonymous Lynz (21 November, 2005 00:03)

Sweet! I just tried it, and voila! Linkage! :)


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