03 May 2006

main street, johnstown

i have been writing and deleting sentences for thirty minutes. i haven't been able to shut my brain down lately and although i've had plenty of time it's been impossible for me to corral my thoughts into anything i think is worth reading.

remember that band dynamite hack that covered "Boyz-N-The-Hood" and had a little radio hit a bunch of years back? well, i bought that record. it was an impulse buy. so impulsive, even, that i didn't look closely enough to realize i was buying a version that had all the fuckwords bleeped out. (holy shit apparently they have a record coming out this year. i didn't know that until i tried to find them on myspace. maybe they will be my friend.)

well they had a song on that record called "switcheroo" (i think it was the first track) and it had a line that went:
you do the same thing
to someone else
that someone did to you
switcheroo switcheroo
and i've had that line running through my head a lot lately. for a bunch of reasons.

none of which i guess i'm prepared to air out right here. which begs the question: why did i bring it up in the first place? for intrigue, suspense, vinegar, and piss. what?

monday and tuesday nights i went to see endless mike and the beagle club play shows in williamsburg and the lower east side, respectively. they've got some new stuff almost ready to be released and it's even more amazing than their old stuff which is already arguably too amazing for words.

usually when i'm smacked in the face with songwriting as great as what mike's been doing, i get a little bit discouraged. i guess it's natural. like when you walk into a bar full of guys that could benchpress you. this time though, it's more inspiration than envy. mike consistently writes some of the best songs i've ever heard. and talking to him and the rest of the guys in that band just makes me want to get back to something i've been neglecting for months now.

so today i bought a bass (since i've kinda been needing one) and i know it's still just talk until i buckle down and do it but here's to hoping i can finally finish recording this batch of songs and move on with my life to bigger and (hopefully) better things. stay tuned.

oh one other thing. last night i tried to go to my favorite indian restaurant on e.6th st and it was all closed up so i had to eat at an almost identical one right next door with comparable selection, prices, and service. i am outraged. i really hope someone was just sick or something and that my favorite place to eat in all of nyc is not closed for good. i've got my fingers crossed for you, panna. (note: that site provides a phone number but i am loathe to call lest i learn a truth more horrible than i could handle in my fragile state. please, let me stay in the dark just a bit longer.)



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