27 July 2006

kazoo solo ftw

dude i think i figured it out. i think i figured out how to finish "a viking's funeral." and it will involve kazoo. i have a pretty nice kazoo that i bought at shades plus in providence* when we were goofing around so many moons ago recording "scutigera coleoptrata." but i really liked the way it ended up sounding. and now that i know what i'm doing recording things, well, i just think it's going to work. i am going to play the shit out of that kazoo. i'll keep you posted.

* i cannot believe that place has a website.

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Anonymous bobby (28 July, 2006 11:56)

when you said you had a pretty nice kazoo, i was thinking what a nice kazoo could possibly be like.

and then you said you got it from shades plus.


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