19 August 2006

i have many talents

one time in college i was watching late night television and saw this guy drink some milk and then squirt it out of his fucking eyes.  and i figured i could do it too, so i opened my eyes really wide and i held my nose shut with my fingers and i blew really hard and lo and behold a little bit of air actually did come out of the corner of my right eye.  but then i got a headache and didn't so much like the idea of trying it with milk so that was the end of that.  but that's a true story.  scout's honor.

also, the record is done and you can download it here (.zip file*).  i'll get it all up on the music page sometime sunday, probably.  and i'll sort out some more mirrors for faster downloads, too. 

i really hope you like it.

*if you can't work with a .zip file, or can't figure out rapidshare.de, all the songs are available for individual download on the music page.



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