16 October 2007

oh hi.

File under: The Kindness of Strangers. Someone at Blogger thinks this blog is "of note," it would appear. If you're here as a result, welcome! I hope that you enjoy your stay, and that your life is irrevocably altered for the better as a direct result of the roughly 35 seconds you spend here (on average...thanks, FeedBurner!).

In all seriousness though, welcome. Since you're here, I figure it's my duty to point you towards what I have reason to believe is the reason this site was singled out. A quick survey of my recent posts reveals neither notable frequency nor notable quality. I don't fancy myself a terrible writer, but I'm not convinced I'm an especially good one, either. The entire reason I ever got my shit together and made this site was to have a place to put some music that I made, and since you're here anyway, it's only fitting that I invite you to download it. It's free. I'd love to know what you think.

One other thing I should mention during these fifteen minutes of Internet relevance. When something that gets a lot of traffic links to one's blog, one is forced to make difficult decisions concerning comment spam. I've never had a problem with it in the past, but today that's begun to change. I am not going to outright block comments until they've been approved because I don't have much time these days and relevant comments shouldn't have to wait to be posted. So I ask you, valued reader, to be selective about the links you click on in the comment section (duh). If the site starts to get overrun by porn links and traffic piggybackers, I might have to just do some draconian moderation, but I really don't want to.

In actual news that I would have written about here anyway, I've been conducting a slow MySpace-message interview with Mike Miller (from Endless Mike and the Beagle Club). Let it be sufficient for now to say that his way with words extends beyond his songwriting. Eventually I'll post it at amiestreet.com and (in part) at wealsoran.com, both of which I've been regrettably negligent in posting to since the new job. Keep an eye out for it. It's going to be good.

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Blogger The Queen (17 October, 2007 04:46)

I like your blog. I'm happy you were "noted" or else I never would have read you. Flurp. Meep and Meow.

Blogger Scott (17 October, 2007 05:17)

Yeah, I saw you in the of note thing. I am sorry that stupid people and computers spam you! That hasn't been much of a problem for me since on a good day I am lucky to get 5 comments on my posts--usually by real people, not spam.

Blogger Barry Pike (17 October, 2007 10:11)

Hey, congrats on the "Blog of Note" recognition.

I downloaded your tunes and have been enjoying them this morning. I especially like "i spin forever" and "new york city", but they are all good.

It's cool, too, that you've put your album out there for folks to download for free...that makes you part of the big new music marketing model...you, Prince, and Radiohead...not bad!

Blogger BobP (17 October, 2007 10:27)

Nice blog... I too saw your Of Note...

Like the music.. keep it up :-D


Blogger Oberon (17 October, 2007 11:48)

.....happy birthday lucky guy.....you're half way to where i am.....be happy.

Blogger Simply Curious (17 October, 2007 11:54)

I had planned to write congrats on the mention from blogger, but it seems like other people beat me to it, and I really don't like sounding repetitive. Then, I was going to write, I'm glad they mentioned you, because I actually like your writing, but someone said that too.

So, um, yeah, just add word verification and then bots can't get in. Comment moderation is far too much of a hassle unless you sit at your computer, day in and day out, playing video games, and checking your blog. If that is the case (please say it isn't) I apologize for offending you, and I'll take my leave now.


Blogger Cathleen Mullins (17 October, 2007 12:05)

i'm also glad you were mentioned in 'of note'. i like your writing, haven't tried the music yet, but i will.
it's funny to hear someone saying they feel old at 26. i just turned 60. 26 seems like a million years ago. have fun, keep doing what you're doing, be faithful.

Blogger Emenn Esse (17 October, 2007 13:14)

Wonderful blog. Richly textured with eclectic takes on anything artsy. A must-read from now on...

Blogger grl32 (17 October, 2007 14:33)

I got here by way of your "blogs of note" listing. I am SO glad! Finally, another blogger that talks about just life in general!
Somehow I popped onto Flickr and saw your pics. Your gf is gorgeous, btw. Make sure you tell her often!

Blogger R2K (17 October, 2007 16:46)

: )

Blogger honeyboy (17 October, 2007 16:52)

very nice blog!

Blogger Kaiser (17 October, 2007 17:56)

Grats. At least 1 good blog made it to the recognized list. I mean most of what people post is garbage. Some people post okay stuff. Others are really good. A select few are blog geniuses. I'd say you're second to last.

Like i said, congrats.

Anonymous Ali (17 October, 2007 20:01)

Oh trust me, this blog is definitely not "of note." Why it is, I have no idea, but this blog is probably one of the worst blogs I have ever been to. What a complete waste of time. Thanks pal, for interrupting my otherwise enjoyable visit to the internet.

Blogger Monkey (17 October, 2007 21:21)

I'm glad you're noted also!!!! Congrats and nice to meet you!

Blogger Jude's BlogLoggin (18 October, 2007 01:01)

Congrats on your 15 minutes! I just started and am realizing that there are many talented writers with quite an array of thought provoking ideas. I enjoyed your site!

Blogger Annie ~ اني (18 October, 2007 06:28)

I was really glad to add your music to my itunes, it's just as good as anything else on there.

Blogger Oswegan (18 October, 2007 15:32)

I think you're quite a good writer actually, coming from someone who only read this post, and may or may not ever be back, as a qualifier.


Blogger Karen (19 October, 2007 23:19)

Hey, nice blog. Great music, too. Thanks for the free downloads...I'll pass a few of them around and direct a few people to you. Yep, I liked it. Write on!

Blogger Scott47 (20 October, 2007 06:42)

HAHA, nice, I am here as a result. Check out my blog on earning tips and how to earn online

Blogger exes and ohs (22 October, 2007 18:02)

i was directed to your blog through "blogs of note". thanks for the download. byes.

Blogger Shannon (23 October, 2007 19:49)

I saw you were on the blog of note list and I thought I'd check you out.

Blogger Lynn@ The Vintage Nest (25 October, 2007 11:42)

I like your writing very much! Congrats. on the Blogs of Note.

Blogger batbat (26 October, 2007 08:18)

I dig the blog dude. As with most of the people here, i got here through the link on the Of Note section.

I'll stick around, no doubt.


Blogger Lynx217 (28 October, 2007 16:27)

I'll add you to my blogroll soon. I have comment moderation on mind but I'd love to know how to allow some people to automatically have theirs accepted.


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