22 December 2008

A little somethin' for the ladies

Sorry girls, I'm spoken for.
Honestly, I don't know when it happened, and I couldn't tell you exactly why, but it's become an insurmountable compulsion at this point to make a shitty face like this whenever a camera is pointed my way. In my twilight years, I will wistfully browse through pictures on my whizzbang-o-matic, and refer to my mid-to-late twenties as my "who farted?" period.

05 December 2008

I am offended by your casual disregard for my basic psychological needs.

One of the few things I remember from Intro to Psychology (though I don't remember what it's called) is the fairly obvious fact that people fear unpleasant things more and more the closer they get. Which is why most people make dentist appointments a few weeks in advance, so that they can lock themselves into something they know they need to do, before the prospect of actually going becomes so daunting that they just forget about it.

With that in mind, I got up the nerve to call the dentist's office yesterday for one of the first times since my mom stopped making appointments for me. Imagine my surprise/disgust when they offered me an appointment for 10 AM the very next morning. As in today. Haven't you people taken Into to Psychology? Have you no decency?

I go now, to walk through The Valley of the Shadow of Sharp Metal Pokers alone. Farewell.