23 July 2006

cool ethan's song

i was just poking around the ol' antisocial-box and found an mp3 of the recording i did of "cool ethan's song" from slackers when i was trying to figure out how to work my then-brand-new 4-track. the quality sucks because i didn't know what i was doing. but if i do say so, it's one of the greatest songs ever written. by jason schwartzman himself.

as far as i can remember, i haven't really had this up online since it was on purevolume for a while a few years ago. i'm probably not allowed to just give this away since i didn't write it, but something tells me that this site is safely below the radar of anyone who gives a shit. so...here you go.

cool ethan's song (mp3)


18 November 2005


yo whatup. join the mailing list. because if you do i have a special treat for you.

it's easy (wo)man...just put your email in the box over there on the right (or go to the contacts section at the top). the mailing list is a yahoo group that only i can post to. and even i do it less than once a month because i put all the day-to-day nonsense up right here. but as important music related stuff starts happening, i'm going to be using it once in a while to let you know things.

anyway. the thing about the special treat. way way back when i first started doing this stuff i had a microphone and a 4 track recorder and no idea how to use either one but for practice i recorded "cool ethan's song" from the movie slackers (best movie ever). jason schwartzman wrote it for the movie. it's pretty muddy sounding but it was my first time and nobody's very good their first time, so give me a break. i'm still not very good.

if you want to download that song, you can do so by clicking on "files" in the yahoo group once you've joined. (if you're already on the mailing list you obviously also can download it the same way.)

there are lots of parentheses in this email. i overuse the (shit) out of those.