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watched pots - they're more afraid of you than you are of them

download the record (.zip files):
mp3, flac.

liner notes:
this record was written and recorded over the course of 2 years in an assortment of bedrooms and basements in providence, ri, queens, ny, and monroe, ct. final mixing done on long island at mikey's place of employment (after hours, of course). this album is best enjoyed via ipod hooked up to a cassette adapter through the stock speakers of a 1997 jeep cherokee with the windows open on the highway. loud.

all music and lyrics by mikey mcclenathan except:
the "shenandoah" melody in "i spin forever" which is an old folk tune and is most likely in the public domain.
unintelligible utterings in the background of "i spin forever" are selections from tender is the night by f. scott fitzgerald, and seymour, an introduction by j.d. salinger.
all instruments played/programmed by mikey mcclenathan except:
bass and electric guitar on "i spin forever" by james elsworth.
piano on "i spin forever" and "scutigera coleoptrata" by rob morris.
additional drum programming on "a viking's funeral" by andrew sawtelle.

thank you:
mom and dad, sean, mark howison, tom harrop, soni armstrong, andrew sawtelle, david goldman, mike miller, brodie wales, all the roommates and neighbors i've kept awake, and lastly, i guess, the girls that inspired this collection of songs, for better or for worse.

and special thanks to:
james elsworth, partner in crime
rob morris, pianoforte virtuoso, former owner of a glass from tealuxe®
chris novello, listened to a ton of incomplete mixes and said what was good and what sucked