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new york city

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every time she pulls an eyelash off my cheek

she says "make a wish

and don't you tell"

every night i lie awake while she's asleep

i can't go home but i can't stay here

in new york city for too many years i know

all the words up in my head

they never make it onto paper

never get where they should go

i know the things i should have said

i'd kill to have the chance to say them now

but when i could have i just turned and walked away

said "i don't know where i'm going but it's far from here

i hear new york city's kinda nice this time of year"

all the crying she's been doing

doesn't make it easy to explain the how and why

packed my bags and left her with some money

now the only thing that's left is goodbye

i don't know where i'm going but i can't stay here

i can tell already i'll miss new york city

this time of year

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

this is one of those songs that kinda just happened. it is based almost completely in unreality. most of it came to me during a shower, which i rushed to get out of so i could write this down. about 2 hours later the music was written (granted there isn't much music) and a demo was recorded. that's really fast for me. or for anyone i guess. the final version of this is pretty bare-bones, and was done in one night, just like the original demo was. i think it came out pretty.