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no hard feelings

today's a special day

it's the one that you were born on

it'll be six months in may

since my heart was torn from my chest

you're the best

you've got the fingernails fit for the job

so baby check your mailbox

i outdid myself this time

the site accepted credit cards

so i gave them mine

and i even paid some extra for delivery on time

happy birthday

it's dog shit in a box

(even though we don't talk anymore

you know i miss the way it used to be before

and if you like it well you know there's plenty more

where that came from)

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

i wrote this song in about 5 minutes after a friend sent me a link to i really do plan to record it soon and send a copy to them to see if they'll use it on their site. i just think that would be balls. my mom heard this song and told me i shouldn't spend so much time resenting girls. but she missed the point. what she should've told me is i spend too much time thinking about how hilarious poop is.