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ladies and gentlemen of the jury...

driving all night

around in circles

turning you over and over in my mind

this is the fourth night in a row

you've come home shifty-eyed

smelling like cigarettes and alcohol

where do you go?

who do you see?

why do you lie?

your eyes betray your grand masquerade

your eyes give you away

when the shit hit the fan

and i saw you in his hands

when you couldn't even say you were sorry

i knew it was over

(i knew that you meant it)

please don't tell me

we were ready for this

don't you tell me that i asked for this

(pulling teeth for apologies)

i would have stood by you forever

and i would never have dreamed that you would cast me away

this is not my fault

(so what if yours was the only laugh i never got sick of

it's over now

you win some you lose some)

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

this is the first song i wrote. or at least, the first one i wrote that i thought was good enough to follow through on. it's also the first one i recorded. here's the thing with this one: it's not about anyone and when i wrote it i don't think i'd ever even properly broken up with a girl. oddly, after it was written it became a bit of a repeatedly self-fulfilling prophecy. but i digress.

since a few people have asked...this song will probably never appear on a record. i've got my reasons and the summary is that it just seems a little too bitter and immature these days. a lot of the problems i end up having are my fault and i think realizing that has made me a slightly better person (hopefully a better songwriter). but you can download it and please don't hesitate to send it to all your friends if you like it. i did write it and i stand behind it, it's just not exactly where i'm at anymore.