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i spin forever

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on a rainy day in providence

i'm all alone trying to make sense

of the letter she wrote just after she left

i'm sitting in a parking lot

staring at some shit i bought

it kills me how she says

"it's for the best."

because since she's been gone

i haven't talked to no one but myself

(this isn't happening)

i'm like a broken record

that spins forever

calling out her name

sandy baby, come back home

we walked around the carnival

and rode the swings with stomachs full

i made her take me home and straight to bed

when we drove through philadelphia

she'd try to make me laugh but i'd

turn to her and make her laugh instead

and now that she's been away

i've got nothing left to say to my friends

(they've heard it all before)

i'm like a broken record

i spin forever

calling out her name

sandy baby, come back home

i miss you

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

"Often a man can play the helpless child in front of a woman, but he can almost never bring it off when he feels most like a helpless child."
-f scott fitzgerald, tender is the night

james played electric guitar and bass. rob played piano. the chorus at the end is me singing like 8 times. that's shenandoah, the melody there. old favorite of mine. arlo guthrie has a version of that song that just kills me.