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triple deke

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it's not a long walk to my place from here

it's nice and warm there

we can drink some wine

and we can get ourselves out of these heavy coats

if you don't like wine

i'm pretty sure my roommate's got some beers

he's a good sport about it

we can help ourselves

we just can't drink them all

he owes me money anyway

i don't mind it if you spend the night

we've got a futon

it's pretty clean

but if you'd rather

i'll just crash out on the futon

and you can have my bed

or we can both take the bed

i'll be good

how about we watch a movie?

i've got the mighty ducks on vhs

it's not a romance

so it won't be awkward

and besides do you know anyone who's ever said

they're sick of feel-good stories

where you know the good guy's going to win?

maybe it's the wine

maybe it's the underdogs taking the ice

but i think i'm going to take my shot

to me this feeling's just like at the lake

where one more step will put cold water on your stomach

everyone knows that's the hardest step to take

but you feel better once it's over

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

i was with this girl for a pretty long time who was all like "how come all your songs about girls are so sad?" so i decided to write a happy song for her and sort of very loosely base it on how we met. then she dumped me before i could ever play it for her. so there you go.

the recorded version of this was done in one take w/ one mix, and amazingly it didn't take me all that many tries. in fact the take i used was the 2nd take i did. there was actually one word where my throat did this kinda phlegmy thing that would make you want to throw up if you heard it so i did a little magic with the computer and replaced that word from another take but i defy you to identify where i did that. because i'm magic.