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a viking's funeral

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katie please don't hang up the phone

i know it's late

i know you're not alone

but i've only got one phone call

and i'm spending it on you

so hear me out

i took everything that i own

that reminded me of you

and packed it up

ticket stubs, pictures, and your comb

and that shirt of mine you used to wear

to sleep when it got cold

i fashioned a raft out of nails and wood

filled it up and sprayed it down with lighter fluid

took it to the neighbor's swimming pool

to give us a viking's funeral

katie please don't hang up the phone

i know you'd like to but

you can't just leave me alone in here

these cats will tear me limb from limb

officer jim

couldn't care less

don't ask me what i was thinking

you know i don't have any answers you want to hear

and don't ask because you know i've been drinking

but i don't think it'd be fair to just blame this on the beer

katie i need you now more than i ever did

for all the lessons learned and bridges burned

and all the nights we tossed and turned

you never could just stay on your side

neither could i

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

i was at the bamboozle festival in asbury park this spring watching the lead singer from lucero do an acoustic set and he has the scratchiest voice ever and i remember thinking 'wow this guy should sing songs about calls home from prison...' and then this all fell out of my brain and i had to run back to my hotel with the gay bar downstairs and write stuff down. dirty jerz.