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if these walls could talk (premix)

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all the things i tried to do

i couldn't make you stay

a shoebox full of photographs

i can't throw away

(but i'm trying)

i could tell by how you hung up the phone

i lost you that night

i said that i was sorry but i guess even that

can't always make it right

if these walls could talk they'd ask me please

to put your pictures back up

and if these shoes could walk without my feet

they'd end up right on your doorstep

but i can understand why you don't want me anymore

your hand on my face is cold

the fading connection of old

i don't want to shoulder the load anymore

and you shouldn't be sorry to grow

so this is a new song i wrote

the story of our lives will remain untold

i haven't left my room even to eat in 48 hours

i try so hard but i can't fall asleep

the dripping of the shower sounds like your name

all lyrics © m. mcclenathan

this is the original demo (bird chirps and all), recorded the very day this song was finished being written. i've been told by a couple people that they liked this one better, and there are times that i agree. it certainly has its strengths. almost all of this audio ended up in the final version of this song, just processed much differently. but the story, really, was just how fast this one came together. the kind of inspiration/motivation you wish you could summon anytime, but you can't. i think start to finish this took me about 4 hours.